The VIDEO EVIDENCE for the lack of mental fitness for the leadership position of passive aggressive Berkeley City Council Wengraf. The demands for her RESIGNATION to stop her access & manipulation of her unlimited power to HARM Berkeley community & the individuals more & again remain as urgent as ever:

 220px-oakland_firestorm_1  download images-2


In the beginning of August 2017, the sudden fire that lasted for several days in Tilden park (the link to video footage) reminded the residents of nearby communities of Berkeley, Oakland, Orinda, Kensington, El Cerrito, Albany, Emeryville about the importance of FIRE PREVENTION MEASURES. in the Bay Area  But despite the years-long pleading and calls for the urgent actions from her voters, Ms. Wengraf had chosen to remain a stubborn obstacle for the removal of multiple MAN-MADE FIRE HAZARDS, ORIGINALLY TOUTED BY HER and then, defended by her most illogically, & yet shamelessly and even …proudly.

The city of Berkeley boasts many residents with very high honors for their intellectual accomplishments. But, it does not take a mind of a Nobel Prize winner to understand that the childish and irresponsible games of political correctness of Berkeley City officials around fire hazards may endanger many people in Berkeley, the home of quite a few Nobel Prize Laureates and many other people with brilliant minds and vibrant hearts, whose lives are the precious gift to the world that may not be at risk of fire. However, the solo voices of the whistle blowers that had been trying (for over 10 years!) to get across the obvious fact of public endangerment by adopting the politically correct agendas by those, who have the honor to call themselves “public servants”.  But due to the lack of the resonance to the important alarm, the dire need to be amplified by the loud chorus remain: HIGHLY FLAMMABLE  EUCALYPTUS TIMBERS THAT MAY NOT BE USED FOR BUILDING  “FIRE ESCAPES”, MAY NOT CONTINUE TO REMAIN AS A MAJOR FIRE HAZARD NEAR MANY RESIDENCIES.  

For over 10 years(!), the actions of ethically-confused Council Wengraf had demonstrated that she has been unable to grasp the significance of this most obvious matter of public safety, according to her professional duties. Instead, PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE RETALIATORY RESPONSE OF SENSELESS CRUELTY consumed her mind, causing paralysis of logical self-preservation.  Evidently, because of disability to overcome personal pride and to use the constructive criticism to her own benefit, she could not understand how to use missing critically important info, offered by her constituent, in order to improve her personal erroneous mishandling of critical for the community matters:

Below, please witness one of the telling examples: instead of the important and urgent solutions –  THE URGENT REMOVAL OF MAN-MADE FIRE HAZARDS, illegally pushed by her, she had been retaliating against the messenger of urgent & important change (even including the illegal misuse of police force, revealing her unprecedented CRUELTY against disabled whistle blower with the valid concerns).  As the result of political correctness, the serious problem of REMOVING MAN-MADE FIRE HAZARDS (among other serious public safety hazards) has been remaining unaddressed for over 10 years(!)  (starting from the time, when she “served the public” in her position of the Aid to City Council Olds & throughout much (way too much) time of occupying inherited and at the time uncontested Council’s chair).


  • This statement from Channel 7  News is one of many evident proofs that Council Wengraf is well aware of the fact that eucalyptus lumber is one of the most highly flammable material that is NOT suitable for building fire escapes.  
  • This 40 sec. video segment is produced as a celebratory  video message and as a part of an …award (!) to Ms. Charlier Bowen,  the leader of “Berkeley Path Wanderers”, nominated (watch the next video evidence) by Council Wengraf, who had deliberately incited seemingly good people to act as irrational, unethical, hostile (and unlicensed for structural work) seekers of ill-minded peeping tom “entertainment” at the price tag of hostility towards unsuspecting neighbors along with public endangerment via deliberate creation of …fire-hazardous “fire escapes”, in the immediate proximity of residents’ homes.

(This is also a telling example of how Wengraf’s cover up for her & her cronies’ ineptness and cruelty continues to thrive – while helped by the skillful 3rd party falsely-positive misrepresentation of her illegal actions, helping to assure that created by her public safety hazards have no prospect to be eliminated.)

  • Witness the results of evidently & deliberately misleading cover-up during the City Council Meeting’s opening (including Public Comments), provided for her by Mayor Bates, who called for police (officer stands right next to the speaker), in order to threaten and to disable whistle blower strive to inform the public.  Thus, misled by Wengraf Mayor acts as her puppet and mindlessly incriminating himself for violating Brown Act with interfering with free speech rights of the whistle blower, illogically helping with cover-up, instead of taking the initiative of investigating valid objections
  • Please, witness 2 min. heartfelt appeal to Council Wengraf’s peers to address Council Wengraf’s notable denial of reality and the notable paralysis of their mind, resulting in no answer with the reasonable urgent response re. fire hazards.  These seemingly good and rational people were misled by Wengraf, & thus -they are consumed with the blunt prejudice towards the Whistle Blower call for the urgent action.

(The bluntly demonstrated deliberate PREJUDICE towards the victim of Wengraf’s character assassination by the corrupt and inept officials IS the reason for other people – much needed alternative community leaders with clear conscience, high moral standards, and functional self-preservation instinct to step in with the decisive actions of a speedy removal of the fire hazards.  This above video makes it clear that the undeniable fact of fire being the tangible public safety risk for Berkeley & adjacent communities, would not be taken with deserving urgency otherwise.)

  • Thanks to succeeding in previous cover-up schemes, Council Wengraf does not mind to act like a sinister clown, getting away with her blunt lies about “her commitment to public safety” at the poorly attended local pre-election events.  Indeed, the majority of unsuspecting & busy with their lives Berkeley residents tend to believe the assurance statements of their elected officials on public safety that appear to be “sincere & reasonable”.

But, does the public deserve to know about the betrayal of public trust by Council Wengraf, and about the senseless scam, involving the illogical efforts of the Mayor to make it appear to be “plausible”?


Of course,  the tax payers are often too busy to get involved in the investigation of the corrupt and unethical actions of their elected officials.  And public officials successfully use the innate desire of the public to believe that those elected officials, whom they empower with their Vote of Trust, will guard the public safety fundamentals at least by being mindful of the safety of their OWN homes, located in the same neighborhood.  That is why, it must be quite a revelation to learn about just the opposite: the above video evidence speaks vocally about SELF-CONFLICTING PERSONALITY, that demonstrates major dissonance of ACTIONS AND STATEMENTS of Council Wengraf.  Her personal choice to cover up for known to her corruption,  as well as similarly unethical attitude of those, who gave a blind eye to her harmful practices of over 10 years, are the pathological vicious circle that results in paralysis and dysfunction of City administration that continuously closes vital services for our community, due to the unprecedented budget deficit.

After observing the above evidence, it is rather strange that instead of getting much needed support from her peers, friends, family for making a mindful and self-compassionate decision of VOLUNTARY RESIGNATION in the face of her obvious governance disability, and instead of taking the opportunity for soul searching, she made a pitiful decision to subject herself to the valid and full of evidence criticism of her opponents during the elections, making even more obvious to the public her very costly and harmful errors.

The majority of people usually don’t have any difficulty for picturing a firestorm, that can potentially easily result from an accidentally dropped cigarette butt, landing onto highly flammable eucalyptus timber, covered with dry leaves…  So, why the elected officials of City of Berkeley, the city of renown university, seem to lose their vital capacity for the imagination, the higher cognitive function that had evolved to protect from imminent fire danger many generations of our ancestors (as demonstrated in the above live VIDEO EVIDENCE)?   What kind of trends that were common in the Dark Ages this reminds of?  And what should be done to prevent it from happening? 


crying-citycouncil09-27-16 images-1ADDITIONALLY,  THE WHISTLE BLOWER MAY NOT CONTINUE TO BE THE SUBJECT OF THE 10 YEAR-LONG SENSELESS AND CRUEL RETALIATION, DESPITE KNOWN TO HER EMPOWERED HARASSERS TO BE DEVASTATING FOR DISABLED PERSON’S HEALTH & LIFE.  The lack of a mere attempt of Wengraf’s colleagues to question her incapable leadership and allowing her to continue misusing her unlimited power in her chair of elected official is contrary to the duties and obligations of public officials to their constituents.   Resulting from the sum of the institutionalized prejudice such unethical acts are deliberate violations of American with Disabilities Act.   (In fact, due to being driven by prioritizing of self-serving cover up for the inept errors over public safety fundamentals,  Ms. Wengraf manipulated her peers and succeeded in blocking from access to the the City Hall the desperate for help (and disabled) resident of her district, who had voiced constructive criticism of this and other dangerous strategies and asked for the documentation, by submitting the Public Records Request left for years with no response.)

The above evidence is only a tip of the iceberg of the problems that had manifested as the result of her failed leadership.  Thus, it is quite obvious that Council Wengraf needs urgent assistance to confront the reality and she is evidently unable to grasp on her own the fact that if she continues to block the important MOBILIZATION FOR HER MAN-MADE FIRE HAZARDS, her own home may be up in the flames as well, as the result of her own illegal push for allowing the unlicensed workers “to have fun” (in their own words),  while acting outside of any fundamental ethics, laws and fair policies, including with no mindfulness for the fire protection. And her misuse of her power to follow her senselessly cruel excusiology for that, despite causing much harm in the process, is also most telling of her lacking fitness to the leadership position.  This is ONLY ONE OF MANY OF COUNCIL WENGRAF’S FAILURES that negatively impact Berkeley at-large and those suffering individual members of the community, who had become the victims of her misuse of the public mandate.

Is Ms. Wengraf fit for the public leadership positions?  Obviously NOT!  High ethical and moral grounds is the cornerstone of the public servant’s qualifications to ask for the public trust, in order to engage into honorable public service,  while using unlimited power of public mandate.  Ms. Wengraf’s multiple actions of illogical hostility prove that she is incapable of being merely reasonable – she is unable to admit her serious errors that place the entire community of people at the increasing risk.  But, instead of following the common sense of correcting her errors, she had engaged into the witch-hunt alike effort against her voter who had provided her with the information that should be perceived as valuable, including the part of constructive criticism beneficial for her community. But, her passive aggressive nature prevailed many times instead.

Ms. Wengraf had masterfully misled the entire Berkeley community during her elections campaign that was deliberately focused on public safety issues.  her Instead of finally admitting the truth,  she had plunged into self-serving and ill-minded sophisticated manipulation and additional COVER UP, with the goal to  mislead the public about her actual illegal actions more and further regarding:

  1. her earlier actions leading to the endangerment of the entire community and the individual members,
  2. her unethical deliberate cover-up for the corruption, related to the public safety, 
  3. & the means of the public official’s power-chair to continue misusing cruelly the instruments of unlimited power, along with misusing public trust to mislead the community into prejudicial attitude of senseless hostility towards the critic of her errors by the means of various acts of character assassination with false accusations and false criminalization.  

images  epa04887584-high-fire-danger-alerts-posted-in-the-oakland-hills-as-f0t1bx  download

That is why the curious question remains: WILL WENGRAF CONTINUE TO STAY ON THE PATH OF A HOPELESS LIAR  WHILE BEING ENGULFED IN THE UNREALISTIC HOPES FOR HER SHADY UNETHICAL AND ILLEGAL ACTS TO REMAIN IN THE SHADOW AND OUT OF LIGHT?  WILL SHE MINDLESSLY CONTINUE RISKING TO REACH THE POINT OF “NO RETURN”,  BLOCKING HERSELF FROM ANY FUTURE POSSIBILITY TO BE IN ANY PUBLIC SERVICE POSITION?   Or, will someone wise (a public figure, or/and someone in her surroundings) finally help her with the advice and save her from such public self-humiliation that will be hard to recover from, ever..?


Can PREJUDICE disable the ancient instinct of the reasonable fear of fire, deeply wired in our subconscious mind after assuring the survival of many generations of our ancestors?

Can the phantoms of Prejudice and Political Correctness endanger the lives of many Berkeley residents, due to their evident ability to cause tangible paralysis of the urgent response to the calls to remove man-made fire hazards in the minds of Berkeley elected officials?

The above provided factual evidence provides the invaluable insight into the mechanics of prejudice that grows in its destructive powers in the information age, significantly amplifying it powers, due to the capacity to misuse the information technology at the critical times.

IMG_1718 - Copy.JPGclown oaklandfire

According to the research, led by UCB Professor Dacher Keltner, the best-selling author of “Born to Be Good” & the founder of Greater Good Foundation, unless affected by the emotional pain of trauma, most of people with the healthy perception of the reality don’t commit such self-conflicting and harmful actions, as above.   The capacity for compassion is one of the most advanced cognitive abilities that involves a combination of abilities allowing to step outside of the personal realm and project the sense of another person.  It is also a gateway to the perception of the world that is larger than personal, and thus, it is a marker for the most fundamental ability for an effective leader.   Also, in his recent book ” The Power Paradox” he provides indispensable insights into the mechanisms that are necessary, in order to improve the functionality of the failed body of governance, due to the ethical demise on various levels.

According to the research, led by Stanford Professor Phillip Zimbardo, the best selling author of “The Lucifer Effect, Understanding How Good People Turn Evil” and the founder of “Heroic Imagination”,  we, as the society, are responsible for nurturing the functional clarity of mind that would help us find it impossible to give a blind eye to the outrage of misusing the power of authority against a whistle blower.  Our Heroic Imagination, our ability to recreate the iconic figures of the past that symbolize the high ethical values and moral standards of our society, our ability to maintain the historical perspective on the evolution of the civil liberties are the essential tools to enable a person to stand up to the ill-minded pressures and excusiology of rationalizing the avoidance of the compassionate action of altruistic nature, based on higher ethics.

Best-selling author Dr. Norman Doidge provided important insights for the understanding of the mechanisms of brain plasticity that are responsible for such crucial ability of any public leader as the ability to promote the positive change and the recovery from erroneous patterns on the organizational and community levels.  The lack of optimal brain function in some individuals (often resulted from the unprocessed trauma experiences) causes the irrational responses to the urgent demands of the reality.  Strong leadership, rooted in high ethics is often needed to lead the group conscience away from the harmful, yet habitual trends towards forming constructive behavioral patterns.  Thus, not every individual is fit to act in the capacity of the leader, who is responsible for maintaining the balance of both innovation and retention of the important fundamentals, along with the critically important capacity for the holistic compassionate  perception, creative cognition, symphonic vision and polyphonic integration of personal and communal interests and values.

The above case illustrates the disruptive power of prejudice to disable even deeply rooted self-preservation instincts that had helped the human race on the path of evolutionary development.  The above data from the suffering experience of the victims of the prejudice is the invaluable resource for the deeper exploration of briefly mentioned above subjects.  And the other related aspects of the most effective ways of healing the community trauma of the lost trust and integrity should be explored and researched, due to the increasing significance of the processes for the society at-large and the impacts on the individuals.



The denial of Truth, and the associated hostility as the expression of resentment that unethical individuals demonstrate, does not belong to our New Era of Rising Conscience.  The attempts to institutionalize such senseless feature of the return to the Dark Ages may have no tolerance in our times, and may no longer continue to perpetrate the vicious circle of emotional trauma, suffering and pain in our society:

img_1709Even one of the most progressive cities in the world like Berkeley, CA was not immured from becoming a victim of corrupt government officials, choosing to misuse their power of unlimited authority for launching a retaliatory campaign against the messenger of positive and important for everyone change.

The legendary sacrifice of such icons of feminism like St. Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc) remind us that it is impossible to silence the inner demons of cruel fear for the Truth, by launching the war on those, who reflect the Truth through their daily living attuned to the higher ethical standards.

The fire that was used to torture and to humiliate in public St. Jeanne d’Arc sanctified her spirit.  And the lesson that the humanity had learned from her tragic end of life is the INSPIRATION TO FOLLOW COURAGEOUS WOMEN, CAPABLE TO FOLLOW THEIR HEART’S DESIRE TO SERVE EVER-LASTING HIGHER ETHICS  – by courageous action that goes beyond the empty words.

Thus, we honor and celebrate the courage to adhere to personal integrity of today’s heroin – Berkeley Police Officer Paula Hammonds, who had acted with much courage and in accordance with higher conscience and high morals, refusing to the best of her abilities to misrepresent the reality, according to the dishonorable demands of her superiors, while risking fierce retaliation for her strive to maintain her integrity.

The honorable actions of Officer Paula Hammonds remind us about our individual power to bring the exemplary Light of Truth into our fragmented world and to make a tremendous difference in setting the right direction for the entire community of people.


p/s: The above evidence demonstrates that Ms. Wengraf’s actions resemble the behavior of someone, who suffers from the combination of passive aggressive disorder and other mental conditions, that are evident of lacking personal attunement even to the self-preservation instinct (such as the instinctive actions of urgency in the face of fire danger).  However, this is ONLY ONE OF MANY OF COUNCIL WENGRAF’S FAILURES that negatively impact Berkeley at-large and the suffering from her highly negative impact individual members of the community.

Notably, when the cold season approaches, those who are concerned about the increasing number of homeless and lacking affordable housing folks, can “thank” Ms. Wengraf for her senseless give away of the $13 million tax cuts to the wealthy developers, instead of promoting community benefits for the underprivileged populations.  These developers must be a generous source of her campaign financing… This most unethical behavior is yet one more reason for questioning the leadership capacity of Wengraf, particularly considering no single mention of any remorse, but instead, the display of her cruel pride(!) in regards to her lacking community conscience during the election campaign. (Stay tuned for more uploads on this and other developments.)

Brain Plasticity, the Ability to Recover from Errors, and Fitness for Leadership

uk-cover21 Best-selling author Dr. Norman Doidge provided important insights for the understanding of the mechanisms of brain plasticity that are responsible for such crucial ability of any public leader as the ability to promote the positive change and the recovery from erroneous patterns on the organizational  and community levels.  The lack of optimal brain function in some individuals (often impacted by the unprocessed trauma experiences) causes the irrational responses to the urgent demands of the reality.  Strong leadership, rooted in high ethics is often needed to lead the group conscience away from the harmful, yet habitual trends towards forming constructive behavioral patterns.  

Thus, not every individual is fit to act in the capacity of the leader, who is responsible for maintaining the balance of both innovation and retention of the important traditions and fundamentals, along with the critically important capacity for the holistic compassionate  perception, creative cognition, symphonic vision and polyphonic integration of personal and communal interests and values.

Our democracy is yet to make one more step forward, in order to assure that people with the set of the effective leadership attributes have a chance to reach the leadership positions, and at the same time, to assure that those, who possess hard to distinguish mental disorders of psychopathy, sociopathy and other unfortunate mental incapacities don’t poison the social atmosphere with had to eliminate culture of distrust, insincerity, fear of retaliation, apathy, hopelessness in response to their own ill-minded negative organizational rules that manipulate the perception of the reality to the personal advantage, due to personal problem-solving disabilities.

Additionally, it is worth to remember that the common conditioning for repressing our emotions also results in additional obstacle that a true leader has to encounter.  The current society’s social standards for the “socially-appropriate expressions”, the political correctness stigma as the false substitute for the actual problem-solving, rooted in compassion, diminishes the value of self-compassion that is the foundation of many inner strengths and healthy attitudes that the are crucial in addressing challenges of the modern fast-paced world.

OUR INSPIRATION: the eternal spirit of St. Jeanne D’Arc (Joan of Arc), the Feminist Icon of all times, sanctified by the fire, that continues to spark our hearts


Today, we celebrate the eternal spirit of St. Jeanne D’Arc, the leader of progressive conscience, through the personal action that is committed to bringing the light of the higher ethics.into all dark corners of our conflicted world.

The exemplary life and sacrifice of St. Jeanne D’Arc (Joan of Arc) remind us that those, who try to restrain outspoken women of higher wisdom and conscience, by inflicting physical and emotional pain, commit the crime not only individual women.  Instead, the hideous crime of suppressing the Voice of Wisdom by deliberate infliction of physical and emotional distress in such cases is committed against the Humanity at-large, against previous and future generations of women.

Despite the formal denouncement of such senseless hostility, the same tendencies of retaliation with the Witch Hunt that were practiced during the Dark Ages, continue to consume the minds of those, who forget the Higher Ethic’s value.

The denial of Truth and the hostility that unethical individuals demonstrate may no longer continue to perpetuate the circle of trauma, suffering, and pain.

The proclamation of Whistle-Blower Protection Law is centuries overdue and is paid for with the blood of many visionaries of the past and present.  For the sake of stopping barbarism in our time, we are obligated to commemorate the incredible sacrifice of our predecessors with the effort to create the legal barrier for our generation and for the generations to come.



The death of this iconic woman and the visionary of all times was caused by the ironically infamous BETRAYAL by those, whom the heroin had installed into the power.  Their habit of Living from the Lack, their personal sense of disability to reach the higher ethics and the irrational fear of losing the power to their female protector had driven them to the barbaric actions of killing the Pillar of Conscience through the unprecedented torture of being burned alive at stake.

No, blinded by the denial of the reality traitors did not succeed in their scare tactics to deter other women from RECLAIMING THEIR POWER. Instead, the hideous killers had earned the eternal condemnation for their senseless hostility, while the Spirit of St. Jean D’Arc continues to thrive for many centuries after her sacrifice.

Although burning at stake isn’t allowed to be practiced in our times, the same tendency of hurting outspoken Women of Wisdom, in order to maintain control,  continues to dominate our world, to the detriment of ALL.  But, the increasing devastation in the world is a reminder to shift the habitual paradigm, in order to preserve the existence of the human race:

 the insistence on the dominance of the physical power over the higher spiritual capacities is self-destructive and has devastating impact on both the contemporary generation and on the generations to come.

This VIDEO demonstrates senseless, retaliatory, and highly prejudicial disrespect towards an innocent unsuspecting victim of Berkeley Council Wengraf, who had instigated character assassination campaign against the whistle blower for the harmful strategy.

Berkeley City Council Wengraf had been immersed into the ethical confusion and lost her moral grounds, forcing more and more subordinate people to be involved into her senseless cover up machinations.  She does not seem to understand that creating prejudice against her critic by lying, that her unethical illegal efforts of misleading her peers to join her retaliation MAY NOT PROVIDE THE ACTUAL SOLUTION TO THE URGENT PUBLIC SAFETY PROBLEM – MAN-MADE FIRE HAZARDS FOR THE ENTIRE CITY (AMONG MANY OTHER  HAZARDS) creation of which she had personally touted, and had been covering up from the public eye by taking advantage of the public trust.

Her ill-minded dysfunction prevents Wengraf from being responsible and being capable of grasping the fact that her skillful campaign of demagogy and misuse of the media resources don’t contribute to the currently necessary URGENT COMMUNITY EFFORT FOR THE URGENT REMOVAL of the public safety hazards, that otherwise create the risk of firestorm for the community of the city that is a home for the renown university and its many professors, students, visiting scholars and their families.

The the retaliatory efforts against the whistle blower with the serious disability put at a great risk the health and life of the victim of Wengraf’s inner demons.  Witness the results of the prejudice, based on retaliatory, witch hunt-alike character assassination of the critic of harmful for all, ill-minded strategies of creating man-made fire hazards:

Thus, due to the unethical misuse of her public mandate’s unlimited power,  Ms. Wengraf had become a hazard to her community, her peers, her supporters, her friends, and an embarrassment to her family:  She demonstrated evidently her incapacity in her leadership position to navigate with integrity and aptitude through issues of fire safety that are resonant for everyone’s well-being.

Needless to say, that it is a very critical matter for the safety of every single resident of Berkeley and adjacent communities.  Please, follow this link to review the Summary and the accompanying short segments of video evidence.)


Senseless Wengraf prides herself in her cruel disrespect to her constituents, desperate for her help with the resolution of pressing issues of urgency. (short video evidence)

Senseless Wengraf prides herself in her cruel disrespect to her constituents, desperate for urgent  help with the resolution of pressing issues, resulting from Wengraf’s own ill-minded paralysis of action and retaliatory hostility of legalized by her vandalism and creation of personal safety hazards for her strategy’s critic.

Witness a short video of the appeal to her that speaks volumes about her low ethics and complete absence of empathy & compassion:

Nothing, but outrage arises in response to the shameless public officials, who had given a blind eye and allowed for the life of internationally recognized music educator to be turned into a misery.

Berkeley Council Wengraf’s prudent decision to resign is a win-win solution for her and for Berkeley. Her peers & supporters have an obligation to help her understand that her timely & voluntary resignation will reduce the risk of her additional hazardous & costly errors, she had been making under the pressure of inner Pride Phantoms.


Council Wengraf appears to need most timely peers’ counseling on the matters of ethics of civil governance as well as personal attunement to the SELF-preservation instinct, in order to help her overcome her actions that she takes in the SELF-DESTRUCTION mode, resulting from her uncontrollable Pride Phantoms.  (WITNESS THE EVIDENT SUMMERY WITH  THE LINKS TO SHORT VIDEOS) Her timely journey through the path of recognizing her current &  limited in time opportunity to RESIGN VOLUNTARILY from her public leadership position of Berkeley City Councilmember is a win-win solution that is still available to her for a short time. This reduction the City’s liability from more of her costly for everyone errors will benefit everyone in Berkeley, including those, who was forced to cover up for her, due to the skillful manipulation of hers that is becoming more evident to everybody.


Council Wengraf’s obvious ethical dissonance is a clear sign that she is in desperate need of timely assistance of her peers, supporters, friends, family, since she does not seem to have a personal capacity to understand the most obvious:

Due to the seriousness of the outcomes from the violations, related to the public safety, committed by BERKELEY COUNCIL WENGRAF, the elections outcome will make no effect on how the matter will be handled.  Mindless Wengraf made yet another dire error by entering the elections process this time, when her seat finally had several alternative candidates, forcing herself into the spotlight that is finally bringing to light her shadowy cover up for corruption and misappropriation of public funds of her cronies, and those unsuspecting Berkeley residents, whose votes helped her past elections, due to the brainwash of the unethical leader of “Berkeley Path Wanderers”, who claim to enjoy highly hostile and unethical intrusiveness into the neighbors’ private life, at the cost of inexcusable senseless obliteration of the fundamental personal safety  – at the high price of public endangerment with the man-made fire hazards in the absurd form of illegal  for various reasons”fire escapes”, made from one of the most flammable eucalyptus timber.

However, if COUNCIL WENGRAF gets timely help with making her decision to resign voluntarily, she will no longer be an obstacle on the path to the safer Berkeley that needs to be free  mindless creation of MAN-MADE FIRE HAZARDS, spread all over Berkeley hills’ residential area.  The highly flammable eucalyptus timbers, placed in the immediate proximity with the residencies for the public use, as avidly promoted by WENGRAF, MUST BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY, and BEFORE a fire starts from a cigarette’s butt, landing on the dry leaves that fall over many staircases.

The public will not tolerate the continuous politically correct and self-destructive paralysis of the leadership, that led to the elaborate delusions in regards to the matters of illegal construction, related to the designated for the URGENT development path-staircases – with no prior public hearings, ironically, due to the false claim of “fire escape” purposes.

Due to the committed civil rights violations that involved misuse of police to shut down the valid calls for more logical public/personal safety strategies and hostility towards the vulnerable disabled whistle blower (unsuspecting resident near one of the illegally forced “mavericks” of urban design), Ms. Wengraf’s hideous manner of mishandling this issue had paved the path for her to follow the example of her former colleague, former BPD Chief Meehan, who had recently and finally stepped down from his public chair for the similar reasons of lacking ethics in his professional actions.

In the case of the prudent resignation, announced voluntarily by Council Wengraf, she may find more tolerant response to her prior actions at least from her long-time friends, thanks to this sign of self-growth, manifesting it through her humble demonstration of her recovering capacity to place the community interests above her Pride Phantoms – at least at this time and after many years of the dire failure to do so in time (upon the desperate calls of the disabled resident of her District 6).

Her self-destructive choice of CLOWN-ALIKE self-exposure during elections resulted in demonstration of painful cognitive dissonance that she was no longer able to contain.  This grown up woman acted like a kindergarten girl, trying to chase her strategy’s critic from the elections debate, charging towards her several times, while being scolded in public by her electoral opponent Fred Dodsworth.

220px-oakland_firestorm_1   clown-sad-512 img_1718-copy


May the rising ethics and conscience inspire more prudent and practical solutions for the better Berkeley:  this win-win act will help resolving the problem to all parties and will ease the process for everyone, including for Ms. Wengraf. 

Council Wegraf’s “new, improved & lemon-scented”, desperate, yet still unethical COVER UP for corruption & misappropriation of large public funds: deliberately misleading spin off for her un-achievable myth about under-grounding wires

Council Wengraf’s opponent in 2016 elections Isabelle Gaston had provided the tangible alternative solutions to the mindless rhetoric of unethical and inept Council Wengraf that many more Berkeley residents should become aware of, before they continue to extend their vote of trust to this elected official, who had already betrayed their trust on so many existential issues of public safety.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. (To follow the links, see the original publication )

Op-ed: Why undergrounding utilities is not the answer to earthquake and firestorm safety

By Isabelle Gaston

Isabelle Gaston is a candidate for Berkeley City Council representing District 6 and President of the Northeast Berkeley Association.

With the anniversaries of the Loma Prieta earthquake and the Oakland-Berkeley Firestorm occurring in the middle of a “hot” election, there’s been much discussion about safety in the hills. Councilwoman Susan Wengraf has made this a key issue in her bid for re-election to the Council for District 6, by promising to “underground all utilities in the city” — a promise that is not only not impractical but dangerous because it leads the city away from solutions that will actually save lives.

I agree that keeping people as safe as possible should be our highest priority. We’ve already suffered two major wildfire events. The first was on Sept. 17, 1923, when a fire destroyed 584 homes as it burned through North Berkeley, from Tilden Park to the edge of downtown at Shattuck and University, stopping only because the direction of the wind changed. The second was on Oct. 20, 1991, when a firestorm burned through the Oakland hills and Southeast Berkeley destroying 3,280 housing units, killing 25 people, injuring 150 others, and resulting in a $1.5 billion economic loss.

On Oct. 17, 1989, a magnitude-6.9 earthquake on the San Andreas Fault caused major damage to San Francisco, Oakland and the Bay Bridge. Every expert agrees that the northern portion of the Hayward Fault, which runs directly through eastern Berkeley, is overdue for a quake of that same magnitude or higher, potentially resulting in even greater loss of life and property.

The city of Berkeley does not have a strong plan to meet these problems. There is an Emergency Access and Evacuation Network map on the city’s website which identifies just one east-west evacuation route for the northern parts of the hills, and one partial evacuation route for the large land area south of Marin Avenue.

The advice given on the website is for residents to pack their cars with belonging and drive out, or use the existing pathway system to escape. However, even in the unlikely event that residents could easily escape the area, there is no place for them to go to.

Undergrounding utilities is a laudable goal — no-one disagrees with that. Almost everyone would like to see those ugly wires disappear, making the whole city look better and generally raising property values.

However, as a practical response to making residents safer in a firestorm or earthquake, undergrounding is far down on the list of solutions for two very important reasons as pointed out in a recent, city-funded study known as the Harris Report.

Those reasons are:

  • It will take five to 10 years just to produce an undergrounding plan.
  • The plan will cost $135 million to underground only 20% of the area (streets that are collectors and arterials, leaving vast areas of neighborhood streets which don’t fall into those categories untouched).
  • Even within the underground districts of arterial and collector streets, property owners will have to pay out of their own pocket thousands of dollars in costs to bring the lines from street to their property, and there will always be some homeowners who simply cannot afford these mandatory costs, even if those costs are spread out over years added to their property taxes.

It is clear that undergrounding of utilities throughout the city will take untold years to complete and we can’t wait that long. Nor can we afford to spend valuable time and resources on something that takes away from a serious effort to save lives and recover from a disaster faster.

Here is my 10-point proposal for how to approach this issue:

  1. To lead the effort, re-establish the 1995 Seismic Technical Advisory Panel that at its inception included professors Vitelmo Bertero, James Kelly and Mary Comerio who advised the city on various specific building and planning seismic matters. This resulted in the city being recognized by FEMA in 1998 as the Project Model Community of the Year and by the Western States Seismic Safety Council Award for Overall Excellence, but has since been allowed to disappear.
  2. Open negotiations with the PUC and PG&E to upgrade utility-owned technology which will automatically significantly shorten the time when wires are live after a disaster event. Include requiring that wires and poles within and around existing earthquake and landslide zones be upgraded to resist collapse as feasible.
  3. Identify funds such as FEMA grants to offer low-interest loans to pay for retrofitting soft-story buildings or replacing roofs with flame-resistant materials, or combining or multiplying PG&E 20A funds through the existing trading program to use as loans for some undergrounding projects where there is a proven high risk of life safety.
  4. Work with the School District to designate already seismically safe school buildings as evacuation sites, especially Cragmont Elementary School which received a FEMA grant for just this purpose, but which has been allowed to cease that function.
  5. Identify and label more evacuation routes with definite end points for all parts of the city.
  6. Offer free city inspections of retrofits already installed as standards have changed over the years. Inspections would be focused only on retrofits, so that the property owners would not be caught in what might simply be cosmetic issues. Offer free clinics for groups of people who haven’t yet done a retrofit, advising on how to proceed and making the process as simple as possible.
  7. Strengthen the network of Neighborhood Disaster and Watch Groups, by combining them and ensuring they meet at least two times annually with Police and Fire Department representatives, regarding, but not limited to such matters as vegetation management, crime prevention, ensuring each household has an adequate food and water supply and an evacuation plan.
  8. Lengthen the time from three days to one week, that each household should stockpile supplies to support them in an emergency.
  9. Re-open the program to reduce the cost of automatic shut-off gas valves and their installation to combined Disaster and Watch Groups.
  10. Address the issue of live wires falling in and around individual homes that have installed solar. The panels continue to generate electricity but they have been disconnected from the grid and present a hazard.

It is past time for this important work to be put off.