Sinister Clown’s role is not for everyone, and so isn’t the leadership position of City Council member Wengraf strives to occupy despite the failure.



We all quickly learn during early childhood that playing with fire isn’t the sign of sanity.  Normally, people do their best to avoid everything that promotes fire.  That is why, when our leaders play senseless political correctness games that involve public endangerment with man-made fire hazards, by mindlessly promoting “fire escapes” made from one of the most flammable eucalyptus timbers, they demonstrate with much evidence their obvious incompatibility to any public leadership (while their loved ones should consider the kind of care that prevents them from harming themselves too.)

Obviously, the voluntary resignation is the win-win solution for both Council Wengraf and for Berkeley: Clown’s role is not for everyone, and so isn’t the leadership position of City Council member she strives to occupy despite the failure.

If Ms. Wengraf is unable to understand this on her own due to her arising limitations, her colleagues, peers supporters, loved ones have an obligation to take a compassionate stand and to help her with this prudent choice, before more innocent people are incriminated by her ill-minded actions, before more hazards are created, before more losses and suffering are caused…


A person, who is incapable to understand the danger of fire hazard for herself, is also incapable to feel compassion to her victims.

Berkeley is the home for many truly remarkable people. And it is the home for the world-renown university with very large amount of internationally recognized visionary individuals per ca-pita. And all and every Berkeley resident deserves to be free from the deliberate mindless endangerment from man-made fire hazards that must be removed now, with no further delay.  But, Ms. Wengraf’s endless, years-long cruel retaliation and cover up offer no such hope for fire safety.

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