Brain Plasticity, the Ability to Recover from Errors, and Fitness for Leadership

uk-cover21 Best-selling author Dr. Norman Doidge provided important insights for the understanding of the mechanisms of brain plasticity that are responsible for such crucial ability of any public leader as the ability to promote the positive change and the recovery from erroneous patterns on the organizational  and community levels.  The lack of optimal brain function in some individuals (often impacted by the unprocessed trauma experiences) causes the irrational responses to the urgent demands of the reality.  Strong leadership, rooted in high ethics is often needed to lead the group conscience away from the harmful, yet habitual trends towards forming constructive behavioral patterns.  

Thus, not every individual is fit to act in the capacity of the leader, who is responsible for maintaining the balance of both innovation and retention of the important traditions and fundamentals, along with the critically important capacity for the holistic compassionate  perception, creative cognition, symphonic vision and polyphonic integration of personal and communal interests and values.

Our democracy is yet to make one more step forward, in order to assure that people with the set of the effective leadership attributes have a chance to reach the leadership positions, and at the same time, to assure that those, who possess hard to distinguish mental disorders of psychopathy, sociopathy and other unfortunate mental incapacities don’t poison the social atmosphere with had to eliminate culture of distrust, insincerity, fear of retaliation, apathy, hopelessness in response to their own ill-minded negative organizational rules that manipulate the perception of the reality to the personal advantage, due to personal problem-solving disabilities.

Additionally, it is worth to remember that the common conditioning for repressing our emotions also results in additional obstacle that a true leader has to encounter.  The current society’s social standards for the “socially-appropriate expressions”, the political correctness stigma as the false substitute for the actual problem-solving, rooted in compassion, diminishes the value of self-compassion that is the foundation of many inner strengths and healthy attitudes that the are crucial in addressing challenges of the modern fast-paced world.

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