Berkeley Council Wengraf’s prudent decision to resign is a win-win solution for her and for Berkeley. Her peers & supporters have an obligation to help her understand that her timely & voluntary resignation will reduce the risk of her additional hazardous & costly errors, she had been making under the pressure of inner Pride Phantoms.


Council Wengraf appears to need most timely peers’ counseling on the matters of ethics of civil governance as well as personal attunement to the SELF-preservation instinct, in order to help her overcome her actions that she takes in the SELF-DESTRUCTION mode, resulting from her uncontrollable Pride Phantoms.  (WITNESS THE EVIDENT SUMMERY WITH  THE LINKS TO SHORT VIDEOS) Her timely journey through the path of recognizing her current &  limited in time opportunity to RESIGN VOLUNTARILY from her public leadership position of Berkeley City Councilmember is a win-win solution that is still available to her for a short time. This reduction the City’s liability from more of her costly for everyone errors will benefit everyone in Berkeley, including those, who was forced to cover up for her, due to the skillful manipulation of hers that is becoming more evident to everybody.


Council Wengraf’s obvious ethical dissonance is a clear sign that she is in desperate need of timely assistance of her peers, supporters, friends, family, since she does not seem to have a personal capacity to understand the most obvious:

Due to the seriousness of the outcomes from the violations, related to the public safety, committed by BERKELEY COUNCIL WENGRAF, the elections outcome will make no effect on how the matter will be handled.  Mindless Wengraf made yet another dire error by entering the elections process this time, when her seat finally had several alternative candidates, forcing herself into the spotlight that is finally bringing to light her shadowy cover up for corruption and misappropriation of public funds of her cronies, and those unsuspecting Berkeley residents, whose votes helped her past elections, due to the brainwash of the unethical leader of “Berkeley Path Wanderers”, who claim to enjoy highly hostile and unethical intrusiveness into the neighbors’ private life, at the cost of inexcusable senseless obliteration of the fundamental personal safety  – at the high price of public endangerment with the man-made fire hazards in the absurd form of illegal  for various reasons”fire escapes”, made from one of the most flammable eucalyptus timber.

However, if COUNCIL WENGRAF gets timely help with making her decision to resign voluntarily, she will no longer be an obstacle on the path to the safer Berkeley that needs to be free  mindless creation of MAN-MADE FIRE HAZARDS, spread all over Berkeley hills’ residential area.  The highly flammable eucalyptus timbers, placed in the immediate proximity with the residencies for the public use, as avidly promoted by WENGRAF, MUST BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY, and BEFORE a fire starts from a cigarette’s butt, landing on the dry leaves that fall over many staircases.

The public will not tolerate the continuous politically correct and self-destructive paralysis of the leadership, that led to the elaborate delusions in regards to the matters of illegal construction, related to the designated for the URGENT development path-staircases – with no prior public hearings, ironically, due to the false claim of “fire escape” purposes.

Due to the committed civil rights violations that involved misuse of police to shut down the valid calls for more logical public/personal safety strategies and hostility towards the vulnerable disabled whistle blower (unsuspecting resident near one of the illegally forced “mavericks” of urban design), Ms. Wengraf’s hideous manner of mishandling this issue had paved the path for her to follow the example of her former colleague, former BPD Chief Meehan, who had recently and finally stepped down from his public chair for the similar reasons of lacking ethics in his professional actions.

In the case of the prudent resignation, announced voluntarily by Council Wengraf, she may find more tolerant response to her prior actions at least from her long-time friends, thanks to this sign of self-growth, manifesting it through her humble demonstration of her recovering capacity to place the community interests above her Pride Phantoms – at least at this time and after many years of the dire failure to do so in time (upon the desperate calls of the disabled resident of her District 6).

Her self-destructive choice of CLOWN-ALIKE self-exposure during elections resulted in demonstration of painful cognitive dissonance that she was no longer able to contain.  This grown up woman acted like a kindergarten girl, trying to chase her strategy’s critic from the elections debate, charging towards her several times, while being scolded in public by her electoral opponent Fred Dodsworth.

220px-oakland_firestorm_1   clown-sad-512 img_1718-copy


May the rising ethics and conscience inspire more prudent and practical solutions for the better Berkeley:  this win-win act will help resolving the problem to all parties and will ease the process for everyone, including for Ms. Wengraf. 

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