This VIDEO demonstrates senseless, retaliatory, and highly prejudicial disrespect towards an innocent unsuspecting victim of Berkeley Council Wengraf, who had instigated character assassination campaign against the whistle blower for the harmful strategy.

Berkeley City Council Wengraf had been immersed into the ethical confusion and lost her moral grounds, forcing more and more subordinate people to be involved into her senseless cover up machinations.  She does not seem to understand that creating prejudice against her critic by lying, that her unethical illegal efforts of misleading her peers to join her retaliation MAY NOT PROVIDE THE ACTUAL SOLUTION TO THE URGENT PUBLIC SAFETY PROBLEM – MAN-MADE FIRE HAZARDS FOR THE ENTIRE CITY (AMONG MANY OTHER  HAZARDS) creation of which she had personally touted, and had been covering up from the public eye by taking advantage of the public trust.

Her ill-minded dysfunction prevents Wengraf from being responsible and being capable of grasping the fact that her skillful campaign of demagogy and misuse of the media resources don’t contribute to the currently necessary URGENT COMMUNITY EFFORT FOR THE URGENT REMOVAL of the public safety hazards, that otherwise create the risk of firestorm for the community of the city that is a home for the renown university and its many professors, students, visiting scholars and their families.

The the retaliatory efforts against the whistle blower with the serious disability put at a great risk the health and life of the victim of Wengraf’s inner demons.  Witness the results of the prejudice, based on retaliatory, witch hunt-alike character assassination of the critic of harmful for all, ill-minded strategies of creating man-made fire hazards:

Thus, due to the unethical misuse of her public mandate’s unlimited power,  Ms. Wengraf had become a hazard to her community, her peers, her supporters, her friends, and an embarrassment to her family:  She demonstrated evidently her incapacity in her leadership position to navigate with integrity and aptitude through issues of fire safety that are resonant for everyone’s well-being.

Needless to say, that it is a very critical matter for the safety of every single resident of Berkeley and adjacent communities.  Please, follow this link to review the Summary and the accompanying short segments of video evidence.)


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