We are concerned residents, who are desperate for positive changes, and are no longer able to tolerate the suffering, caused by the current hopeless lack of ethics, the unprecedented cruelty (in violation of Americans With Disabilities Act) in suppressing our attempts to overcome the dysfunction and to cover up for the corruption and misappropriation of lacking tax payers’ funds by the current Berkeley administration.

We are also outraged about the despicable & illegal misuse of police force(!), along with court cover-up & character assassination in the style of ages old witch hunt,  in response to the constructive criticism regarding much overdue & pressing changes Berkeley City administration needs to undergo at the moment, in order to sustain and to avoid sliding down into the complete collapse – financially and as the result of lacking viable disaster response infrastructure.

A reasonable question arises: Why such urgent matter does not get solved for years by seemingly reasonable elected officials?

The answer to this simple question should be simple, but instead, it is made to be complex by these “public servants”, due to the variety of reasons:

City staff could not come up with the sensible solutions but had to mislead the public about this serious public safety hazard.  The impression of the drastic action had to be made, due to the lack of cognitive capacity to resolve the serious problems.  The measures that elicited much senseless trouble and intrusion into the residents’ lives were taken in order for the above falsity.  Along the way, large funds were appropriated and pocketed, while those who citizens who had called for the investigation were retaliated with the false police charges and falsely prohibited from entering the City Hall. Meanwhile,  in order to increase the bullying power, the community members were misled joining the harassment of the whistle blowers.  For that reason, a non-profit organization was created and its leaders were praised with community awards as “heroes”.  This organization was used to advance the elected officials that are now dependent on the approval of the organization that is built on the premise of the SELF-HARMING FOR ALL RESIDENTS IDEA.  But, these members of the community (mainly retired and lacking mind’s clarity) had formed their friendships during the variety of events that supported this false cause.  So, the prospect of finding the city in flames isn’t of their concern, particularly since they believe that their public representatives attend such critical for the community safety issues.  On the other hand,

On the other hand,  those public officials who would have to admit that they had involved the public into the hostility against their neighbors, in order to pursue the senseless cause of self-destructive fire hazards creation, will have to swallow their pride and admit their compromised integrity.  They would also have to disband the organization that had nurtured.  So, the anger of the public towards their leaders will make them forget about entering public service forever…

And just like in the old Yiddish legend “Golem”, the failed public officials will also have to disband the organization that they had nurtured for the false cause’ defense.  So, unless they master courage and common sense to counter the associated fear of the shame and of the anger of the organization’s members towards their leaders (unless they are willing to forget about re-entering public service forever… ) Unless the City officials would use their leadership to convey the great degree of the dangerous deception, unless they find the INNER CAPACITY to admit the errors and to ban the flawed organization they had avidly promoted, they are doomed, just like the Master of the flawed statue of “Golem” had to destroy his malfunctioning and threatening his own safety mighty creature despite the personal pride for creating it.

It would have been funny, but the same fear and the prospect of shame blind the minds of the Berkeley elected officials to such a degree that they are unable to act upon SELF-PRESERVATION INSTINCT of doing everything in their powers to be safe from …FIRE.

The complete demise of ethics, the moral atrocity that disables their elemental ability to admit harmful errors and correct them, along with unfairness and prejudice, coupled with ineptness along with misuse of force against the messengers of positive changes had manifested into the disconnect with the most vital SELF-PRESERVATION INSTINCT, even IN THE FACE OF FEATURED HERE RECENT REMINDER OF THE IMMANENT DANGER OF FIRE HAZARDS BY THE RECENT LOCALIZED FIRE IN THE ADJACENT PARK) in the minds.

(Another of the pitiful results of this City-wide administrative dysfunction is run down and shut down of many public city’s facilities.  One honest emerging leader – Ms. Isabelle Gaston, the opponent of corrupt and unethical Council Wengraf, had provided the following important account of only some evidence about our city’s worsening dysfunction:

Our strive demonstrates that our city of Berkeley needs major changes in our City Charter.  The mere proclamation of the Whistle Blower Protection Act has been yet another most grotesquely misleading act of the lip service since this critical instrument has not been used for the actual overcoming the self-destructive and destructive for all force of those public “servants”.  This demonstrates the degree of the cynicism, their loss of moral grounds, due to becoming easily corrupt by the unlimited power of public mandate.

The current legislation supports the unlimited misuse of the public servant’s mandate WITH NO SERIOUS RESPONSIBILITY and does NOT support the efforts of addressing the errors by those, who ask for the vote of public trust, but may easily misuse it.  And the evidence for the losses and suffering from the paralysis of positive action is both evident and overwhelming, and may no longer be discounted.

However, due to the prejudice towards the whistle blowers, the community members are unable to see how the great depth of pathological denial of reality and the co-dependent unethical support of each other in their self-deception along with the unstoppable thirst for power and institutionalize by them hostility prevent these “naked kings” from seeing the imminent danger of their minds’ paralysis to their own lives and to the lives of their constituents, neighbors, and friends.  It is not “if”, but only “when” they are to pay the dearest price for this delusion, reminiscent of the children rhyme “liar, liar, pants on fire…”